Axis Cleaning Services, LLC

About Us

AXIS CLEANING SERVICES, LLC., A Residential and Office Cleaning Company, dedicated to providing fresh clean air to your home and office. We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions to enhance the value of your property and provide freshness to your living and working environment.
When you are busy getting through the day, you deserve to step into your house filled with freshness to breathe and smile. We the productive team at AXIS Cleaning Services, LLC, understand many of the multi-facet challenges you face during the day. That is why we will provide you with real world solutions, tailored to solve your cleaning problems by making your House a Home.
Our cleaning team are professionally system-trained to protect your house and office by using environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques to keep your home and office safe. Our Staff goes through a thorough professional check before they enter into your house to do your cleaning. They are properly insured and bonded to give you peace of mind, when you are away from your home.
Our strong reputation of ethical standards, thoroughness, reliability and dependability serve as our referral. We will meet your expectations with a competitive price by giving more value to your hard-earned money.