This Message is ensured that many people are going through difficult times during the coronavirus. As you know, AXIS Cleaning Services provide regular products which are used to protect your home from this Virus. This pandemic has taken a toll on small businesses like us. AXIS Cleaning Services will be there to give you home or office some fresh air and fragrance with our regular chemicals and products against the virus.

As we face many difficulties during this outbreak, we are aware of the necessary procedure that needs to be taken to protect our workers and customers

  1. Masks and Gloves will be provided whenever they clean.
  2. Shoe Covers are optional as per the clients needs.
  3. Maintain a Social Distance of 6 feet or more
  4. Check Temperature for symptoms

The Axis Cleaning Team is dedicated to providing fresh air to your home and office. Why come back from work frustrated after working long hours and coming back to house cleaning needs with disinfectant.  You don’t have to worry about doing the dirty work with disinfectant during this pandemic. AXIS Cleaning Services LLC can take care of your cleaning needs with the help from our professional cleaning team with regular cleaning products. Please call 240-750-9535 to schedule a free estimate. Many people go through difficult times during COVID-19, but together, we can get through it. We tried our best to maintain social distance for our customers.

As we all are facing difficulties and troubles during this pandemic. We the AXIS Cleaning professionals will provide regular products to keep your home smelling fresh and cleaning during the COVID-19, disinfectant spray, and other regular products that will help us and the people the fight against COVID-19. Please feel free to call us at 240-750-9535 for more information.

Thank you and let’s fight COVID-19 together. 

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